I've had many clients over the past years, here are some examples of my work.

Web Sites

Crossroads South Ayrshire
Crossroads South ayrshire is a local charity providing support for carers and their families.
Granite Paving Specialist Ltd
Specialising in everything from large civil projects to quality private contracts all over Europe.
Homeseen was lauched just before the housing crash and is no longer available. Here is a PDF of the home page..


  • Crossroads South Ayrshire Care Attendant Scheme
  • Association of Hospice and Specialist Palliative Care Social Workers


Major Updates Planned

Over the next few months major updates to PhilipBailey.Co.UK are planned look here for further updates.

09 February 2014

Philip Bailey Updated

Philip Bailey's new website goes live.

11 October 2010

Philip Bailey Poetry

Philip Bailey's Poetry site has moved from his main domain to a new sub domain to make way for the new web development website. Now you can find everything on one site.

11 October 2010